About Us

Meet The Drivers:

David"This year makes 18 years since I started driving the carriages, the only person who has driven longer then me is our boss by two months :-). I have been with horses since I was seven years old, my family and I were Walking horse people. My mother was Vice President of Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse magazine'. 

Keely- "This is my 13th year with C.H.T. and I had been with horses 9 years prior: dressage, training, showing, pleasure, even taking and giving lessons. I think of my carriage horse as my own, so there's no need to have another horse out side of work for me :-) 

Gunnar-" I have been driving a carriage for about a year and a half. I love horses so it is the perfect part time job for me :-). I am first chair alto saxophone in my high school band. When i get older i would like to become a equine vet."

Meet Our Beloved Horses 

Junebug (June) - Belgian Draft, chestnut with blonde mane & tail

Einstein - Standarbred, Chestnut, brown with brown mane & tail

Aragon - Clydesdale, brown & white with unique markings

Ringo - Percheron, solid black

Dewey - Brown and White, Spotted Draft

Gem- Government enlisted mule, solid black

Our Carriages:

6-passenger Vis-a-vis - Red w/ Black Interior, White w/ Black Interior

4-passenger Vis-a-vis - Dark Green w/ Black Interior, White w/ Maroon Interior